Our Mission

Women's Access To Empowerment Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization that was created to recognize & honor Women of Color by giving them their flowers while they are here, for being exemplary leaders in their communities.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to continually acknowledge, encourage and inspire Women of Color to commit to navigating through life as their own best advocate creating their Greatest Self.

About Us

Malene Brissett

After the birth of her final child, Malene sought out ways to give females an opportunity to share of themselves, without limitations commonly created by race, status, demo-graphical, and financial class. She wanted women of color to break down the barriers that existed between them by finding ways to be communicative and resourceful. 

She founded the Women's Access to Empowerment Inc. in 2013 which  at that time, was designed to produce workshops and trainings for those who wanted to enrich their communities. She later decided that recognizing women who take leadership roles in their communities should be celebrated annually. She coined her annual event the Big Hat Brunch which has been the signature event. Although this event is more like an awards ceremony, women have used this brunch to connect and reinforce that there is a beautiful power when women come together. 

As always, Malene believes in the design and strength of women. She sees that in how they learn, how they live,  and how they love. She is giving women their flowers because they deserve to be here to smell them and to share their victories. 


W.A.T.E. Team

A company has been created  that will honor and praise leaders who exemplify an outstanding amount of commitment towards building their communities. Through mentorship and activity building, women of color 30 years and older will find that they are their own cheerleaders when they take the power of choice and use it freely and limitlessly.   We will continue to  foster relationships between women. We are changing the narratives and perspectives of who women " should be" to who women "choose to be.".  We are great allies and have the ability to create and demonstrate the magic that we weild. Mentorship creates long lasting friendships and decreases low self-esteem and self worth.  When we invest in ourselves, we invest in our communities. 

What we do

Welcome!  We bring women together. We build relationships. We value our differences. We empower our communities. We are seeking more women to keep this going. 




How does it works

We use social media postings to request from the general public their assistance in nominating Women of Color, who use their extraordinary leadership skills, ( treasury, talent or time), to help others in their communities. These women, who are chosen by their peers, most often are a reflection of the beauty, goodness, power,resillience,and respect that  Women of Color bring to leadership and who have uniquely found a way to translate their humanity to their communities.