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Let's Stay Informed. Lets Be Prepared.

Coivid-19 is still here. The way we socialize now that started off as an  unfamiliar territory is now our everyday norm. What used to be a friendly  hand shake, or an embracing hug between one another is now a socially distancing engagement through social media, surprise drive-bys , zoom meetings, memes and emoji’s. Our country is under siege by a virus we can’t see and our health professionals are still sacrificing themselves on the front line  while our government has sent mixed messages about testing and protecting ourselves. This moment in history, will forever be marked by two very distinct outcomes, either our ability to understand and follow directions or our inability to work cohesively and consistently as a country that wants to stop the spread of this virus.  Our teachers are now extending themselves through the screens as others continue to find ways to navigate within a changing school schedule and system for their children. Some households are eagerly figuring out ways to return back in to the workforce as necessary providers while some have transitioned into full time nurturers and caregivers in the  home. 

People of color are still experiencing disproportionate increases in rates of infection, while others are losing their fight due to complications related to COVID-19. We are STILL experiencing limited supplies, testing, and access to uniformed information. . Our elders and our special needs loved ones, are STILL an increasingly vulnerable population that we are responsible for in every sense of the word. We are transitioning slowly being in the presence of our families and friends, but STILL with extreme caution.  Our children are STILL tossing and turning at night from the increased anxiety that not being able to see their friends has conjured. What used to be  30 hours a week in places that encouraged learning about the world, socialization and social cues learning has come to slow stroll. 2020 has proved challenging but We Will Get Through This. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic is a new unchartered disease that has taken the world by storm. Unprecedented forces have put the world’s economy, the global population and the current state of policy and procedure in health care under red alert.  At this time, because this is an extremely new issue, information is constantly evolving and we, like you, are waiting for our health care professionals and leaders to give us the best possible way to control how this disease is spread, and making sure that we continue to be in integrity with keeping our families and friends safe as we have been asked. It has been a challenging experience but we STILL need to  continue wearing masks when we are in public spaces with others, especially in places where social distancing may be challenging.

Confused on how to wear a mask correctly? Click Here for some help. 

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* Health centers can assess whether a patient needs further testing, which may be done over the phone or using telehealth. Additionally, health centers provide services regardless of patients’ ability to pay and charge for services on a sliding fee scale. However, please note many school-based health centers may not be operating because of school closings and local mandates. *



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