Women’s Access to Empowerment Inc. is a 501 (c)3 organization serving the Brooklyn community.

It is a space for Black Women to find and absorb holistic versions of wellness. In this space Black Women

will lean into their capabilities, be risk-taking, build relationships and grow ideas. 

This unchartered  journey began in 2014  targeting Black Women who needed a safe space to connect with one another in hopes of sharing and challenging their fears and insecurities without judgement, while receiving the inspiration and motivation to be bigger than those fears.  Black Women have always known that there is strength in support from women who look like them and value their cultural similarities in self care and wellness.

The journey continued evolving over the next six years connecting over 400 women, celebrating over 100+

Black Women leaders, committing to community service, and encouraging philanthropy in Brooklyn, NY. 

Through active skill building, community service and through celebrating our personal victories, Black Women get the opportunity to be risk taking unapologetically, while reinforcing to young girls that representation matters at any age. 



  1. To Connect Black Women to realistic,attainable health  and wellness goals that will foster self confidence.

  2. To Disrupt disparities that Black Women face in homes with one parent or minimal sustainable incomes.

  3. To Provide educational experiences that promote economical growth, financial literacy, and life skills trainings for Black women and their communities. 

  4. To Celebrate Black Women leaders who continue to deposit their wisdom, services and mentorship to their communities.