Women’s Access to Empowerment Inc., lovingly known as Brooklyn WATE, is a 501 (c)3 organization serving the Brooklyn community. The need for creating a space in which women can celebrate one another’s accomplishments, commit to community service, and lift each other in accountability and excellence through programming, is the primary goal  and mission of Brooklyn WATE. The continued evolution of Brooklyn WATE will focus on reducing the health disparities faced by women of color and their families through programming and collaborating with other organizations. In this manner, we get to be intentional about our own bodies, personal health, the health of our families and our communities. Its growth and evolution is contingent upon the members who see value in our trajectory as beautiful, intelligent, healthy and sufficient Women of Color. Annually, women are given the opportunity to engage in new activities to dynamically enhance their perspective and to encourage conversations that otherwise may be tough within communities of color. The need for authentic and organic connections between women is essential, and is the absolute reflection of the cooperative goals our ancestors envisioned for their descendants.

As we continue to stand on the shoulders of other great women who have come before us, Brooklyn WATE makes a substantial effort annually to honor women who have dedicated their services by committing their time, treasury, or talent to the progression of their communities.  We give these women the applause, accolades and flowers they deserve each year because their work is not only crucial to the areas they serve but may give another woman the encouragement she needs to be her best self at all times.

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