“For every occasion, we would celebrate it with lots of food. The usual stuff you would eat in the hood, but it just had so much flavour and love. It was just humble food. Good food."
- Khanya Mzongwana



Transforming Palates to Our Diverse Cultures

Cooking may not be for everyone but this interactive and fun way to learn new recipes, meet some brave women and test our creations while waiting for our families' critique. Let's experience different cultural foods together. Take the survey and tell us what we should try then let us know how we can help you accomplish your personal health goals.



Joelle Tobin is an Army wife and mom originally from Brooklyn, NY currently living in Washington state. She loves to experiment with different ingredients to create unforgettable meals for her family. She enjoys cooking, reading about cooking and eating. JoJo T will be gracing us with her presence Sunday, January 10th so get your tickets to this free event.

What We're Cooking:

 Salmon Croquettes with Buttery Parm Potatoes & Warm Kale Salad. 



Meet Chef Sherica Sutherland born in Jamaica, West Indies. She has lived in Brooklyn since 1988 and  started cooking at the age of 8 with no assistance. "I enjoy cooking flavor packed meals, which is why I started Sherica’s Flavor Fusion." She enjoys cooking Jamaican Chinese food because her speciality is also a representation of her heritage. Join her on Dec. 27th!



Meet Chef Evangeline a personal chef born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y. with a Southern background . She's been a Chef for ten years and is  the owner of Skylar's Catering. Join her on December 13th as she gives us the secret to her yummy and ohhh sooo creamy Veggie Rasta Pasta. SO get your tickets for this free event. You won't be disappointed.

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