Circuit Training with Hasan Adkins 

Saturday, January 2, 2021 @ 12noon

Hasan Adkins is a Nationally Certified Weight Loss Coach, who specializes in showing busy women how to build sustainable habits through the scope of fitness and nutrition. He aims to give them the tools they need to live their most fulfilling lives. He has worked in the most recognizable brands in fitness, such as New York Health and Racquet Club, LA Fitness,  Orange Theory Fitness, and was the acting Head Coach at a thriving Fit Body Bootcamp, where he developed a training curriculum  for over 150 people.He is a published fitness author, podcaster, and worked with a New York Times best seller and Fitness Coach to develop his own crafts.
These days you can find him eating Lasagna, working out, or getting his weekly haircut.



Cardio Kickboxing with Carol Glasgow

December 2020 Instructor

Carol Glasgow is a martial artist and a 3rd-degree black belt in Hapkido with 26 years of training. Ms Glasgow's brand of Cardio Kickboxing is "Cardio Kickboxing with a purpose."  Carol believes everyone should have fun while losing weight and believes in teaching every student how to properly execute kicks and punches, including a Front kick, Roundhouse kick and Sidekick.  "In today’s world, it is essential that you can protect yourself. In late 2003, she launched Kick Fever Fitness.

“Learn how to become your own weapon of fitness and self-defense.

- Carol Glasgow

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