St. Paul Community Baptist Church- ENY, Brooklyn

Testing for  COVID-19 & COVID-19 Antibody Testing is taking place this week May 20th-24th in Brooklyn on Hendrix St. between Linden Blvd & Stanley Avenue in East New York.  

What you need to know (updated)

Today, May 21st, the only testing that will be available is for COVID-19 testing. Northwell Health is the agency providing the testing.

  1. It is REQUIRED that, you register before you can get tested. Call (833)422-7369

  2. You should be showing symptoms of having COVID-19 or a chronic health condition or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive or recovering from COVID-19.

  3. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Covid-Antibody Testing will be made available. This will test whether you ever had COVID-19, recovered and may have antibodies. You do not need to have any symptoms to have this test, but you still need to register. 


My Attempt to Get Tested: Thursday May  21st

Testing sites have popped up in different areas around Brooklyn on different days at different times. In my poor attempt to go early, not only was I unprepared but pardon my unkept hair. (Sometimes you just have to show the not so "cute" days) I'm sharing this so you can be informed and prepared.


Before You Come......

It's okay to not know, but its not okay to not share when you DO KNOW.  For more information Click


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