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"I leave you the challenge of developing confidence in one another" - Mary Mcleod Bethune



As an organization that encourages women to engage with one another and lift each other when no one else will, we are also an organization that acknowledges the importance of voicing our grief and anger when Black people are dying while breathing, celebrating, running, playing in the park, walking home at night, sitting in a car, sleeping in bed, and just simply living. We are in a constant battle for our lives because of widespread systemic racism.

Our lives are not expendable, and are souls are not for sale. Brooklyn WATE is charging our Black  communities to Get It Together. 

VOTE , it is your right

READ, stay informed

BUILD, support one another

*BrooklynWATE will continue to post any resources that will aid in equalizing the playing field for Black people.

Click Here to see some resources to help legal costs for those who may be harmed while putting their bodies on the line for the rest of us as they still take a risk by peacefully protesting. 

"We have to break down and dismantle institutional and structural racism if we want to make progress and live in a community based on justice and equity."

Marcelia Nicholson, Chairwoman of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors 

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365 days ago, the world stopped in its tracks. We lost loved ones, we experienced financial losses, our mental health was stressed and our children felt isolated from their peers. The world shut down. We've had to do some reimagining to figure out how to stay engaged with our members and their communities. Keep checking in with us to see whats new!


Somebody's Talkin' About WATE

"The way  you achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else get it first."
-Iyanla Vanzant


The Big Hat Event was featured on a local site that caters to local events in NYC neighborhoods.

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Black Women Cook Initiative featured for Women's History Month 2021

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