How Do I Dress for the Big Hat Event?

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Looking for an outfit can start out many ways. How does going shopping with your girlfriend begin? Here are a few of our one-liners.

“I’m going to this fabulous event and I have nothing to wear.”

“Well, I have a funny shape and I know I inherited it from my aunt and grandmother" 

“I’m really not sure what shape I am, but I still turn heads. How do I know?”

“Oh gawd, I’m not going!”<———————NOPE! NOT Y’ALL!!!

“Can we just go shopping or what?”

I'm definitely one of those friends, and I know you each have a friend who shares the sane confusion about self image as we shop for an event. Our diversity in our different shapes and sizes, heights and widths just reinforces that we are so divinely created Some of our physique is due to our dynamic DNA while our nutrition, diet, and activity plays a part in the rest. We can easily blame ourselves for not being active, drinking soda- all day, every day, and taking the car to go to the corner store. We get it! We should be accountable for our own health; but in the meantime we need to find something to wear that is FIERCE!  In learning about these differences, some of us find it difficult to outfit ourselves in that “perfect” attire. 

Well we have some news for you....

This is the perfect season to begin your search for the perfect Big Hat Event spring wear with matching accessories.  So we populated some information that may be helpful in that dreadful task of finding something to wear. 


An hourglass figure is characterized by balanced bust and hip measurements and a well-defined waist. You can probably wear most styles well. If you have a large bustline, though, you may want to steer clear of turtleneck and other high-neck styles and very baggy clothes that may make you look heavier than you are. Skinny waist belts are your best friend! Necklaces look great on you, and if you’re looking to play up your bust, choose a length that hits at or slightly below your collarbone


The pear shape has a larger hip measurement than bust measurement, often with a less defined waist. Your shoulders and hips line up with your overall silhouette. Did you know this is the MOST COMMON SHAPE among women?

Cheats:  Stick with A-line skirt styles and jackets with a defined or belted waist.


In this shape, there is little waist definition, a rounded stomach that’s either high or low on your frame, heavy thighs or wide hips (sometimes called saddlebags) and perhaps a pronounced bottom. 

Cheats: An apple shape can be hard to conceal. One strategy is to direct attention away from the stomach area to your face or another attractive feature (like your hands or legs). Jewelry, scarves and distinctive hair ornaments or hair styles sometimes work. You should also consider investing in quality foundation/under garments that help lift, support and define your shape.


Unlike the ideal hourglass figure, an inverted triangular shape is smaller in the hips than through the bust and, usually, a nicely defined waistline. Your body can also give the impression of an inverted triangle if you have narrow hips and broad shoulders.

Cheats:  Flowing skirts and wide leg or flared slacks also help create more volume in the hip and leg area to create a balanced silhouette.


The rectangle shape has a balanced bust and hips with little or no waist definition. This shape can look either boxy or slender and boyish. 

Cheats: Create the illusion of curves by wearing fitted styles that taper or belt at the waist. 


The triangle shape is a variation on the pear shape that also includes narrow shoulders. 

Cheats: Follow suggestions for the pear shape above Classic V-neck wraps and halter styles draw the eye downward for a slimming effect. A-line styles, full skirts and details at the hem help balance out your bottom half.

Finally, you are blessed with what you have. Make it work, try new things, take pictures. Play with colors, textures, and lengths. Pair these outfits with beautiful shoes, accessories, and clutches. Need a hat! Click on the next section. We Empower Women to be the best they can be at all time. The cameras are ready to take your best shots ever! We know you won’t disappoint. See you then!  

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