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Which Hat Is For Me?

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

I am definitely not a hat person. In the winter, you may see me with a “hoodie” on to stay warm. I just think my face is too big, (I’ll never admit to my head being too big), but undeniably hats just don’t fit my face. There are many women who feel the same exact way. So I did some research, cross referenced, and even asked the opinion of some devoted hat wearers. Here is what they shared. 

“Wearing a hat is like, taking your cell phone with you all the time. It’s literally just another necessary accessory to make an outfit look complete.” Necessary?? Really?? My cell phone is necessary, a hat maybe not, or so I think. The truth of the matter is, every outfit, whether casual or formal can be completed and changed into a more polished look with the addition of a hat. Hats range from “fitted” caps to fedoras, cloche to slim brim hats, and wider brim hats to hats with a bird cage. It’s all about preference. It can be hard at first to zero in on which hat may be right for you. There are so many choices, that it can be a land of chaos and confusion making you want to avoid the hat option all together. But, don't despair. If wearing a hat isn’t right for you, try a fascinator! Maybe you don’t need a hat at all. A fascinator is a headwear worn as an alternative to the hat. It is usually a large decorative design attached to a band or clip, sometimes it may have a base to resemble a mini hat. Example 1 Example 2

We want everyone to win. So here is a small bit of information and some tips to make your headwear decisions just a little bit easier.

If you have a small face you need a smaller hat, whereas a larger face needs a bigger, more dramatic hat. Using the same principal, petite figures should avoid big hats; while larger women should avoid hats that are too small

If you have a long face you may want to create width with a medium to wide brim and a short crown. Hats with a flared brim — like floppy hats, newsboys and cloches — will cover your forehead and balance out the length of your face. 

If you have a round face the crown of the hat should never be wider than your cheekbones. A hat with lots of height at the crown and a higher brim will help lengthen your face. Look for hats with a peaked or slanted brim, as well as asymmetrical angles.

If you have a square face your main goal is to add softness to your curves and minimize a strong jaw. “You need a larger brim and a rounded crown to lengthen and soften the face,” says Inlander. Choose one that sits high on your forehead to elongate the bottom half of your face.

If you have a heart-shaped face a medium-brim is perfect for you. Look for hats with “soft curves or asymmetrical designs that can be angled one way or another.  A cloche or bucket hat is a great choice.

Here are a few looks from our past brunches to give you an idea.

And ladies, you are free to wear hair jewelry, adornments and head wraps too! Our crowns are our glory.



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